Movie Afternoon

Today everyone was so calm and bored because today we had to watch a film called “Groundhog Day”; everyone said that it was going to be really bad. We had lunch and I could feel how I was getting influenced by the others, and I was starting to dislike the movie without even watching it, WHY? Peer pressure, not the bad one. So the story began in a really boring way, and that made me understand why everyone was acting like that. As the movie went on, everyone started liking it. Okay the film, in case you don’t know, is about a man that lives the same day over and over and does incredible things, from killing himself, to be the nicest person ever. Finally, I loved the movie and I even recommended it to a lot of my friends. Apart from having fun, I want to say that it is better to try new things even if people act like they are not going to be good.

Juan Luis

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