Mini Putting – July 15

On July 15th I went to Mini Putting with our Summer Explorer Program. First, I with my friends and teacher got to that place. Afterwards, I made a group with my friends, then we play golf. Finally, I went to home stay and left the bus. As you can see, I had a very good time with my friends.


Byward Market – July 15

This afternoon (the first day), we visited an Ottawa market called the “Byward Market.” There we got a worksheet and we were to do something on the sheet, like finding how many kinds of “beavertails” are in the Beavertails’ store. That was so exciting.
In my opinion the most funny activity was to find the Beavertails. In the beginning, in my mind, a beaver tail is the fur of the beaver. So I was trying to find a shop which sells the fur of animals or beaver. But I didn’t see any store selling animal fur. I was angry and thought, “this mess is so terrible.” Suddenly I found a dessert store which was called “Beavertails.” Oh, I got it! And I now know a “beavertail” is a dessert! What a funny experience it was.


Cooking – July 11

Today we had cooking class as our afternoon activity. First, we went to the cooking studio by bus. The team of cooks were very nice and helped us all the time. As everybody of our group is just staying for little amount of time here, we cooked something typical for Canada: Poutine and for dessert cinnamon rolls.


Firstly, we cut some potatos with a special knife, so that we got some french fries. After that we mixed them with some oil and several spices. The cooks put them into the oven.

During the baking time, we started to prepare the cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon rolls:

To start with, we had to put different ingredients like flour, milk and butter. So, we mixed it and got a dough. After that, we mixed sugar and cinnamon as well as some icing sugar with some cream cheese. Than we had to flatten our dough. Next, we put butter on it together with the cinnamon. Finally we rolled it and put these into the oven.

In the mean time, our french fries finished so we were able to eat. But the french fries alone are not Poutine. So we put some cheese and a sauce over it and it was ready. It tasted pretty good. We drank some coke with vanilla ice cream in it. Finally, we could eat the cinnamon rolls, but before we put the mixture of icing sugar and cream cheese on top of them. They were delicious. 


Montreal – July 17

I arrived in Ottawa at the 10 of July. So I have been here for about 1 month. During this time I managed to do a lot of things. Honestly, this time passed very quickly because I went to the summer school on 440 Albert street. The program’s name is “Ottawa International Projects and Exchanges.”

With this program I saw many beautiful places. For example Montréal city, Saunder’s Farm, Upper Canada village, a lot of museums, and so on. But my favourite activity was the Montréal trip. Montreal is the oldest city in Canada. The first peoples who lived on this ground were  First Nations. This city has European architecture. French is the official language of the city and province. Montreal has the second largest population for a city in Canada. 

Our group went to Montreal by bus. The first place witch we visited was the top of Mont Royale. Mont Royale has a beautiful view of Montreal. After, we went to the downtown area where the Eaton Centre is situated. Downtown- it is a really busy part of the city. In the Eaton Centre we went in the Grévin Wax Museum. There are a lot of statues of stars. My favourite statues in the wax museum are a statue of Gretzky and T. Hanks because they are the greatest. Wayne Gretzky is absolutely the best hockey player in history, and Tom Hanks is also one of the greatest actors ever because he has played in the best movies ever. For example “Forrest Gump” or “Green Mile.” At the end of the trip, we went to the Old Port. This place has a really unique atmosphere. 

I really liked this trip, that’s why I want to say “Thank you” to the “Ottawa International Project And Exchanges.”

Upper Canada Village – July 31

On 31st of July I went to Upper Canada Village with our Summer Explorer Program. First, I got to there by school bus. Afterwards, I visited there and ate lunch. Finally, I went to the bus and came back. As you can see, I had a very good time with Frank and my classmates.


Laser Quest – July 22

On July 22nd I went to Laser Quest with our Summer Explorer Program. First, I met my team. Afterwards, I tried to shoot with my gun. Finally, I lost the game. As you can see, I had a very good time with my friends.

Liu (Linda)

On July 22nd I went to Laser Quest with our Summer Explorer Program. First, I got in a team. Afterwards, I played the game. As you can see, I had a very good time with my friends.



Today we went to Laser Quest. Riding the bus took about 1 hour. There were a lot of video games. We chose our code names, mine was “Nohwa.” And then we played laser games. It was dark inside, so it was hard to get people. I teamed-up with my friend, but I betrayed him and “killed” him. In the first round I got first place. It was really fun.


Laser Quest – July 22

Today we went to Laser Quest. I thought it was cool because I really like this game. In China I often play Laser Quest. I made two new friends. We had fun shooting each other with lasers.

Joe (Haoyu)


Hip Hop Dance – July 30

On July 30th I went to Hip Hop Dance with our Summer Explorer Program. First, I listened to the teacher about hip hop dance and did warm-up exercises. Afterwards, I spend an hour and a half to learn to dance. Finally, I played games with my teachers and classmates. As you can see, I had a very good time with my friends.

Almme (Caiying)


Today I had a hip hop dance workshop! Since I’ve been dancing for years, I was really looking forward to do this activity! And now that I’ve done it, I can only say it was one of the best afternoons ever! There was a hip hop teacher, whose name was Simon, who was having us do a bit of stretching, taught us a little hip hop choreography on a Justin Timberlake song. We repeated it several times from the beginning in order to memorize it. Afterwards, we did freestyle. That means we were all in a big group and one at time, we had to go inside the circle and do a movement that everybody was going to copy! 
I had lots of fun with my friends; I’ll never forget that choreography!



Today we learned Hip Hop dance. I loved dancing and I was good at it. But this was my first time learning Hip Hop dance.
First of all, the teacher taught us some simple movements to find our rhythm. I thought that was easy for me. Then, the teacher began to play music. He let us put the dance moves into the music. Gradually, I learned all of the movements. When I danced, I felt very cool. I enjoyed dancing.

Betty (Qing)

Bowling – July 29

Today we went bowling. It was really fun but it’s a little difficult to get more points because we never practiced this. I still think this was fun. When you play 5 pin bowling, you will feel very good and nice. But, I didn’t like the bowling shoes because they were too smelly.

Frank (Haoke)

Movie Afternoon

Today everyone was so calm and bored because today we had to watch a film called “Groundhog Day”; everyone said that it was going to be really bad. We had lunch and I could feel how I was getting influenced by the others, and I was starting to dislike the movie without even watching it, WHY? Peer pressure, not the bad one. So the story began in a really boring way, and that made me understand why everyone was acting like that. As the movie went on, everyone started liking it. Okay the film, in case you don’t know, is about a man that lives the same day over and over and does incredible things, from killing himself, to be the nicest person ever. Finally, I loved the movie and I even recommended it to a lot of my friends. Apart from having fun, I want to say that it is better to try new things even if people act like they are not going to be good.

Juan Luis

Laser Quest – July 26

Today I went to Laser Quest. First I took the bus to that place, and put on the equipment. Afterwards I fought with classmates and teachers. Finally I put the equipment back on the wall. Then we all went back to our home stays. I had a very good time with my friends.



Today we went to Laser Quest to play with laser guns. We had to wear a special vest and we had to shoot at the vests with our laser guns. We could see our points after the game. I came in third place in the first game, and came in seventh in the second one. After that my fingers were sore because I shot so much.

James (Jae Young)

On July 26th I went to Laser Quest with our Summer Explorer Program. First, I join my team. Afterwards, I went to play with the laser guns. Finally, I lost the game. As you can see, I had a very good time with friends


Escape Manor

Today for the afternoon activity we went to Escape Manor. Escape Manor is basically an apartment with several rooms and you can choose one to get locked in. Then you have 45 minutes to figure out how to get out. As we were an international group, we had 60 minutes to solve all the different puzzles. Furthermore, we had a live actress in our room who was possessed by a ghost. We had to solve all the puzzles to fill out the gaps in the spell to get her free. She helped us a bit by saying things that lead to the answers but she also tried to scare us. The room was dark but we had flash lights. Our topic was kind of mysterious because we had to use an Ouija board to solve one of the puzzles. Some of the puzzles were easy and some of them were difficult. We were so close to unlocking the room but in the end we would have needed two more minutes. All in all, we had a great time and a lot of fun.


Museum of History – July 25

Today in the afternoon, we went to the Museum of History. Our tour guide was really nice. She spoke very clearly; when we didn’t understand she used body language and onomatopoeias. I have never listened so carefully to a guide in a Chinese museum! We learned a lot! We had a good time there.


Saunders Farm – July 24

Saunders Farm was so funny!
It was an amusing all day activity. We could walk around in the farm and see whatever we want. 
There were so many games! 
Three different mazes: Spiral Cedar Maze, Spruce Maze and Cedar Maze. 
Another funny game was the Pedal Cart: we could pedal a big or small cart! 
I enjoyed so much this day with my friends!


On July 24th, I went to play at Saunders Farm with our Summer Explorer program. First I took a wagon ride. Afterwards, I ate lunch. Finally, I saw a performance. As you can see, I had a very good time with my brother.


Museum of History – July 23

Today we went to the history museum. It’s beside Ottawa river. The museum is big and clean. We learned more about Canada’s history. The exhibition here is delicate and very old. Around 3:00 we went back to school. What a fun day!


Today we went to the Museum of History. It was amazing! I learned a lot of information from it. The guided tour was very nice. The guide was so friendly. She taught us a lot of things we didn’t know. I could understand most of these things. 
The guide told us about Canada’s Indigenous people’s history. It was really interesting! I remembered the place where we clapped our hands and walked across it. When we were at the middle of this place, the sound changed.
At last, we went to the “Canada History Hall.” I thought the Canada History Museum was really interesting. I liked learning history from it!
Today I was so excited!


Parliament Hill Scavenger Hunt – July 23

Today I went to Parliament Hill with our Summer Explorer Program. First I started a scavenger hunt. Afterwards I walked around parliament because we wanted to find things. Finally I finished the scavenger hunt and we went to the school. I had a good time at Parliament Hill.

Jin Ho

Byward Market – July 22

Today I went to Byward Market. First we divided the teams. I found words and streets. Finally I finished and found all and rest. I had I good time with my friends and teachers.

Hye Jin


Today I went to Byward Market. First I went to the Market. Afterwards I did nothing. Finally I went shopping. I had a good time with my friends.

Li Jin

Art Gallery – July 19

We went to the National Art Gallery today. It was a great museum to me because they had a lot of different antique paintings which interested me. My expectations were very high before I went to the gallery. I was surprised to see that a lot of the art was modern. When I heard about the art gallery, I had hoped to see old, meaningful and impressive paintings, but some of them were not like this. Some of the paintings and statues were old (1450 – 1600), so I was still able to enjoy my trip to the gallery. My favourite painting was a little bit dark because the sun was behind the clouds and when the sun had risen out of the clouds, you could see the painting shine on the little lake and there was a great place where you can stay very quiet, alone, and relaxing. I wanted to go there when I saw the painting and the other one is interesting too because of its painting technique and method. You could see all the brush tracks; I was very impressed.



On Friday we went to the Art Gallery. I saw many famous oil paintings in there and many clay sculptures. It is a very big and senior building; there were many many doors. We went in at a door and then, we meet a door again. In a nutshell, the art gallery was very nice.


Canoeing – July 23

Today, we went canoeing. This great activity was on the Ottawa River. For this activity, we used two canoes. It was very important that everybody paddle at the same time, because it makes it easier. In the canoe we went to a waterfall, called Rideau Falls.The Rideau Falls consist of two waterfalls, that flow from the Rideau River into the Ottawa River. Then we went back to school. It was a fantastic experience, and also a little bit exhausting. 

José Luis Lavín 

Day trip to Montreal – July 17

Today, I went to Montreal. It took 2 hours to get to Montreal from Ottawa. After 2 hours, we arrived at Montreal. First, we went to Mount Royal. The view from the mountain was so beautiful that I could see all of Montreal. Second, we went to the Eaton shopping mall. We went to the shopping mall and ate lunch at the food court. After, we went to the Grevin Wax museum. They made wax models of real people. It was fun, but it looked so real that it was little bit scary to me. In the last part of our outing, we walked around the city. It was really hot that day though, so I was really tired. When we came back to our school, I slept in the bus. The trip was very impressive.  



Today I went to Montreal. First I went to a big street. Then I ate lunch then wen to to Mount Royal. Finally I went to a wax museum. I had a good time with my friends.


Bowling – July 16

We went bowling today and it was fun. We played two rounds, and every round has 10 turns; in every turn, there are 3 shots to be made. In the first game, İ was first to play, but I missed. I didn’t know that we had another chance to shoot, so my sister, who shot after me, did not hit anything! My chance to get a spare was gone. In the end, I shared first place with my friend (115-115). İn the second round, i played for enjoyment and I wasn’t trying to be competitive. I still got second in that second game. I liked the place where were we were bowling. The bowling balls were very small. I haven’t seen bowling balls like this before. It was still really fun!


The bowling activity was fun. It was kind of like a “mini-bowling”. It was different and new which made it fun to play.


Hockey – July 15

Today we played hockey which is a very popular sport in Canada. We played hockey in the school’s gym. Actually, we were supposed to go to the space simulator activity, but sadly, it was cancelled. In the first round, I just watched my friends while they were doing exercises and listening to the rules and tactics of playing hockey. I realized that hockey is risky even for the audience. We played with a plastic ball, but when someone hits it with some force behind it, it will turn into an even heavier ball. After the game, I searched something about this issue on the net. In real hockey games, they put a net in front of the audience. 


Museum of History – July 12

So, the Museum of History, even though you are not very keen on history, you will find it interesting because you’ll discover more about Canada, its past and how people used to live in ancient times. 
I recommend it for sure!After having had a look inside, you can also take some marvelous pictures outside the building, as the structure of it is really wonderful, too! 
We spent such a great time there!


Byward Market – July 10

I went to Byward Market. It was great, I looked at lots of buildings and I went to Parliament Hill. I saw a lot of designs. The buildings were under repair so they were very noisy. Then I went to a museum. It was great. And I went to a store to buy ice-cream. It was a nice day.


Parc Omega – July 10

Parc Omega is very beautiful and big with a lot of different types of animals and plants. You can drive around the park and feed animals. They followed us because we had carrots. There were a lot of Canadian and non-Canadian animals there.

Calypso – July 10

Today, we went to Calypso park. This is a water park that has lots of slides, a wave pool, some boats, and other things. This was an all day activity because this park is about one hour away from school. For me this has been the best activity so far because you can have fun with your friends and the slides are so exciting. In general, this park is very interesting and exciting, and people can come with their families or friends to have a good time. 


Biking – July 9

When we went biking, I thought that we are going to have bad bikes, but they were actually really good. We had fun. We went near the lake, and it was so beautiful. Also, I was able to make new friends thanks to our shared joy in riding bikes. Generally, it was really fun, and I hope one day to do it again.


Biking – July 9

Today we went for a bike ride.  The bike path was on the bank of a river where there were boats and others.  The bicycles were in a cellar.  Then we went for two hours of cycling admiring the landscape.


Today we had gone for a bike ride. It was a good experience, but I wished we had been allowed to ride fast. I wished I could have used my bike from back home too.  We rode our bikes around the Ottawa river for 2 hours, and it was really rewarding. There was very beautiful scenery. I like biking, but the bikes could have been better.  I also think our breaks were too long. I wished we had spent more time biking.  Despite that, I did enjoy the trip still. It was good to ride again because my bike is in Turkey and I haven’t gone biking for an entire month. In Ottawa, there are bike roads in everywhere so you can go almost anywhere with a bike. If I have some free time, I’d like to bike around Ottawa.


The Journey Begins

Welcome to Summer English Explorer in Ottawa, Canada!

We hope you enjoy reading about all the exciting activities we are doing and looking at our pictures too! We are making new friends from many different countries, having lots of fun experiences and every day brings new discoveries and memories.

Laser Quest – July 8

The 8th July 2019 we went to the Laser Quest. It was far away so we needed to take the bus. I was quite excited because it was my first time. We arrived early so we waited about 20 minutes. When we finally entered the room, it was dark but not too much because of the neon lights. I discovered I made a great mistake. My white t-shirt glowed in the dark so I was easily seen from the distance. The first game was quite difficult for me. I didn’t know what to do or where to move. The second game was better because I knew better where I was moving and where to shoot. So this game is now one of my favorites.


On Monday, the 8th of July, we went to go play laser tag. In this activity, you have a laser pistol and a chest plate. Your goal is to shoot the enemies in one of four zones: chest plate, back plate, shoulders, or the gun itself.
We played two times. The first time, it was a free for all (no one is on your side, every man for himself). The second time, it was a team battle. The team battle had three teams: blue, red, and purple. I was on the purple team, so i had to shoot the red and blue team. To conclude, this activity has been my favourite since coming to Ottawa.



Today we went to the laser quest  where we did two things. The first one, we were alone and then with another team.  We had about 15 minutes for me the parties which was a little too short  since we did not have enough time left so we did not have enough time to  enjoy.
 During both games I had a lot of fun and I had a good score fourth and seventh!

Museum of History – July 5

Today, Friday the 5th, 2019 I went to the Museum of History in Quebec. Outside was quite hot so entering inside was a good idea. The first impression of this building was quite good. I remembered that place because we went there while doing the city bus tour. It really looked interesting.

We were divided in two groups once we left the backpacks in lockers (don’t really know why). The guide was called Teresa (just like me 😃) and we started on the ground floor. As we all walked through the expositions, the guide explained to us the past of this beautiful country. If you really like history, you should visit this because it’s an amazing place. Totems looked imposing, that faces of both animals and humans, judging you with that wooden look just in front of old, very well-conserved houses. A sculpture I liked specially symbolized the work in-group. They have their battles but no one betrays his or her partners. Lately, that visit was held on upstairs, in the third stage.

We just have time for the C part, contemporary history. We enjoyed interesting facts about the wars and human rights. Sincerely, I found more interesting the first part of the visit. But the visit was worth a lot.


On Friday, the 5th of July, we visited the Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec. We took a bus which drove over a bridge leading to the other side of the Ottawa River that is between Ottawa and Gatineau, Quebec.

The Museum was designed by a Métis. Around the building there are columns in the shape of paddles. The paddles are pointed up to the sky which is the symbol of peace. Further, the ceiling is shaped like a canoe.

We had a tour guide who showed us many places in the museum. We learned much about Canadian history. In the first section, we saw different totem poles and art of Indigenous People. In the second section, we learned more about Canada’s modern history e.g. that Quebec nearly became independent from Canada. There were two referendums; in the second one the vote was 51% to stay in Canada and 49% to leave Canada.

At the end, we got some free time, which some of us used to go to a part of the museum about Neanderthals. There we were shown several tools that
Neanderthals built themselves.

When the time was over, we took the bus again and drove back to OCENET. All in all, it was a very interesting visit and it was very exciting.


Canoeing – July 4

Today, we went canoeing. This great activity was on the Ottawa River. For this activity, we used two canoes. It was very important that everybody paddle at the same time because it makes it easier. In the canoe we went to a waterfall, called Rideau Falls.The Rideau Falls consists of two waterfalls that flow from the Rideau River into the Ottawa River. Then we went back to school. It was a fantastic experience, and also a little bit exhausting. 


Byward Market – July 3


Wednesday the 3rd of July, we went to the Byward Market.
To get to Byward Market, we went through the Rideau Centre. Byward Market is an amazing place with around 250 shops !!!
When we arrived at Byward Market, we were tasked with a scavenger hunt. We had to find different places throughout the market and then mark it on a sheet of paper. My group finished in last place : (  We were able to answer two questions the other groups could not answer though! After we finished the scavenger hunt, we had free time and went to the Rideau Centre, so that we could shop around. During our free time, I only bought two donuts: a chocolate one and a regular one. They were delicious!

After that, I returned to my host family.


Mud Oven – July 3

Today, we went to the Mud Oven. Mud Oven is a place where people go to paint different kinds of pottery. They had a wide variety of colours to use. When we went there, we chose the kind of pottery we wanted to paint and began to work on it right away. When we were finished, the pottery was placed into a furnace. I painted a dog and I used brown, pink, and black colours to paint my dog. The Mud Oven wasn’t just for us, there were lots of Canadians there too. I think lots of Canadians visit Mud Oven so that they can make pottery. At first, it was a little hard to get around, but I got used to it after a while. It was a new experience for me. It was fun and I loved doing this new activity.


Bus Tour – July 2

Today we had a bus tour, and I signed up to write about it, so here I am writing about the bus tour. After eating lunch, we went on the bus tour. The bus tour was very interesting because I learned a lot of new interesting things. The first stop was at Parliament Hill. We had a tour around the parliament, and our guide told us the history behind it. He even told us that parliament is undergoing renovations! The reconstruction of the House of Commons is going to take approximately 10 years which is such a long time. The second stop was at History museum. We learned that the building is made of limestone, which is very very old. Inside the history museum, our guide told us about tribes which lived in Canada before Canadian settlers. We learned about totem poles too. After the second stop, we went back to school, and that was the end of the tour. I really enjoyed this activity!


Parc Omega – June 27

Parc Omega is a beautiful place with a lot of animals. It’s a big place with a stunning view. 

 People can drive and feed animals with carrots. There are Canadian animals and non-Canadian animals too.

 You can find a lot of totem poles, lakes, and you can walk on many different trails.

John (Joao)

Archery Games – June 25

Today, we went to an archery game. This game was similar to paintball, but instead of balls we use arrows. These arrows had rubber on the point. 

This game is played by two teams of about 20 people, and you need to hit other guys that are on the other side. When you were hit, you had to go out. You can save (bring back a player that was hit) someone if you hit the targets.

In conclusion, it was a really fun game, and you run a lot. I recommend this game for teenagers and also parents because they will have fun. 

José Luis


This afternoon was great, because we got to play the archery game. I loved this game. I didn’t get hit and the game took about two hours. I think last part is the best because I enjoyed very much.

In this game, two teams are fighting each other and if you get hit, you have to leave the game. There are ways to revive your teammates. There are some barricades and walls in here, so you can hide. 

In the last part of game, I had so much fun because there were some new rules. There were less barricades  than before and you were allowed to change teams.

I really loved this game.


Byward Market – June 24

Today, I went to Ottawa’s Byward Market. There are lots of Canadian products and there were a lot of places to eat. The day’s activity was to find some stores and various landmarks in the Byward Market. Byward Market is where a lot of tourists come to visit when in Canada. In Byward Market, there are plenty of Canadians. Thanks to the activity, we were able to learn a lot about Byward Market, so I liked today’s activity.


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