Saunders Farm – July 24

Saunders Farm was so funny!
It was an amusing all day activity. We could walk around in the farm and see whatever we want. 
There were so many games! 
Three different mazes: Spiral Cedar Maze, Spruce Maze and Cedar Maze. 
Another funny game was the Pedal Cart: we could pedal a big or small cart! 
I enjoyed so much this day with my friends!


On July 24th, I went to play at Saunders Farm with our Summer Explorer program. First I took a wagon ride. Afterwards, I ate lunch. Finally, I saw a performance. As you can see, I had a very good time with my brother.


Saunders Farm – July 24

The farm was big and beautiful. The air was fresh and sweet. The blue sky was a pleasant contrast to the green countryside. There were many mosquitoes and bugs, which I did not enjoy. But it is not hard to see that Canadians attach great importance to protecting the environment. The nice view made people relaxed. There were lots of games, for example Gravity Quartet. There were also many different kinds of mazes, swings and trampolines. My favourite was the trampoline. It was different from the others.  It was a semicircle that was inflated in the middle. A lot of people jumped on it happily. It felt amazing to jump freely on it. You could throw away all your worries. We laughed a lot.

Runqian (Rolly)

Saunders Farm – July 24

Today, I went to Saunders Farm with my friends and teachers. We took the school bus spend two hours to get there. At this farm there were many trees. It was good. We can see trampolines, mazes, observatory and so on. This farm that had so many children. They were cute. After lunch, we took a ride to see this farm. It was a great day.


Saunders Farm – July 24

Today I went to Saunders Farm. First I went into the maze. It was hard because I couldn’t come out. Afterwards, I took a rest in the chair. The sun was too strong. Finally I looked around the farm in a cultivator. I had a very good time with my friends.

Ye bin

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