Art Gallery – July 23

Today we went to the Art Gallery. It was a big art museum. It was big and beautiful. We went for two hours. There were so many pictures in the exhibition hall. The pictures were so beautiful. There were also some works of art in the museum. They were fancy, but we couldn’t take photos of them. Our teachers told us taking pictures is not good for the art. Some of the pictures were abstract paintings. We couldn’t understand them but we thought they were beautiful. There was a big sculpture outside. It was a big black spider. We had a great time!


Saunders Farm – July 24

The farm was big and beautiful. The air was fresh and sweet. The blue sky was a pleasant contrast to the green countryside. There were many mosquitoes and bugs, which I did not enjoy. But it is not hard to see that Canadians attach great importance to protecting the environment. The nice view made people relaxed. There were lots of games, for example Gravity Quartet. There were also many different kinds of mazes, swings and trampolines. My favourite was the trampoline. It was different from the others.  It was a semicircle that was inflated in the middle. A lot of people jumped on it happily. It felt amazing to jump freely on it. You could throw away all your worries. We laughed a lot.

Runqian (Rolly)

Bowling – July 22

Today we went bowling. We took a bus from the school.

When we arrived, they gave us special shoes. Then they divided us into groups of five or six people, and we went to the bowling lanes.

Bowling in Canada is different. Canadian bowling uses a small ball (about 1.6 kilos) and five pins. There are no holes in the ball for your fingers! Canadian bowling was invented in 1909.

Canadian bowling is difficult but we had a fun afternoon.

Museum of Nature – July 19

This afternoon I went to the Museum of Nature. I saw many different things. I saw dinosaurs’ skeletons and a big ice! It is very old. I played with many things. I am very happy! 


Canoeing – July 18

Today, we went canoeing. I was so happy because it was my first time canoeing. First, we put on life jackets. Then, the teachers gave everyone a paddle. After that, we got in the canoe. The teacher told us: put one hand at the top and one hand on the side of the paddle. Next, we rowed in the canoe
together. ”One, two, go” the teacher said. We rowed quickly! We saw a big waterfall next to us. It looked like a big window. We took some pictures. We also saw a museum. This museum was very strange because the pillars looked just like the paddles. We rowed back and we were all very tired, but it was so interesting!


Day trip to Montreal – July 17

The trip to Montreal was so happy! I have heard Montreal is the biggest city in Quebec. We got on the bus and spent 2 hours on the road. The first stop was Mont Royale. We had a look of the city. Then we had a break in a shopping mall. Then was the most interesting part- the Grevin Wax Museum. We watched a short video in the dark. When go through the door, you will see the wax statues. There were many famous actors, super stars, presidents, etc. We took a lot of nice photos with the wax statues.Finally, we went downtown to spend our free time there. At half past four in the afternoon we left Montreal. What a tiring but amazing trip! 


Mini Putting – July 15

Today, we went to play golf (mini putt). The place was a little small and it was in a building. The place was a little dark but we could still see well. I learned how to play golf last Saturday so I thought I could play it well. But when I had a try, I found I can’t. I practiced for 10 minutes. Then I could play better than before. But later we had no time so we had to go back. I believe I can play well next time. 
Then we went to play arcade games and we got many prizes! We were very happy!

Mike (Tianyi)

Museum of History – July 12

Today we went to the History museum. The walls of the museum are interesting. They’re made of rocks in which there are some bones in them! In the museum, we learned how people told a story and how people were long, long ago. We learned about the war in Canada, and how the British and French went to North America and made a country called “Canada.” I also saw some old guns and some pictures of letters from the war. 
I learned a lot in the museum. I had a lot of fun.

Charles (Caizhe)

Cooking – July 11

Today we had a cooking lesson. We took the 87 bus to a large supermarket. The cooking school was on the second floor. We washed our hands and then we started cooking. First, the chef gave us some potatoes. Then, the chef asked us to cut the potatoes into small pieces and then she put them in the oven to bake. After that, another chef taught us how to make Beavertails. We got a bowl where we mixed milk, butter, eggs, flour and sugar. Then we fried it to make a Beavertail. I had a lot of fun.


Parc Omega – July 10

I went to Parc Omega. I went there by bus. I saw many Canadian animals. They’re cute, large, and strong. They were wolves, coyotes, black bears, caribou, white-tailed deer, elk, fox, and geese. I liked the wolves best. They were grey and white. They were beautiful. They live in a hole for wolves. I took a lot of photos of them. I bought a flask in the gift shop. It was a bit expensive, but I like it very much. I also liked my lunch because the hot dog was very delicious.

Johnny (Ruiyao)

Bus Tour – July 9

We had a bus tour today with our guide. He was kind and he knows Canada well. We visited a lot of places and they are all beautiful. First, we visited three buildings (on Parliament Hill). One of them was not open. Then we visited a river. There were some boats in it. Next, we went to a museum (the Museum of History). It was very old. Finally, we went to a park (at Rideau Hall). We had a great day.

Martin (Yuze)

Byward Market – July 8

We went to the Byward Market today. The market is very large. There are lots of restaurants, shops, and old buildings. We did a scavenger hunt in the market. We walked around the market to find the answers on
the paper. That made us very tired. There were questions about the totem pole, the Millennium Fountain, and buildings like that. There were also many questions about special foods, which were sold in the Byward Market. There’s a question about Quebec’s and Ontario’s licence plate. Most of the cars in Ottawa use Ontario’s so that was easy. But it’s difficult to find cars using Quebec’s. Some of the questions were really difficult so we didn’t find out all the answers, but we still had a lot of fun.

Nemo (Botian)

The Journey Begins

Welcome to Summer English Explorer in Ottawa, Canada!

We hope you enjoy reading about all the exciting activities we are doing and looking at our pictures too! We are making new friends from many different countries, having lots of fun experiences and every day brings new discoveries and memories.

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