Byward Market – July 9

I went to Byward Market. It was great, I looked at lots of buildings and I went to Parliament Hill. I saw a lot of designs. The buildings were under repair so they were very noisy. Then I went to a museum. It was great. And I went to a store to buy ice-cream. It was a nice day.


Bus Tour – July 9

We had a bus tour today with our guide. He was kind and he knows Canada well. We visited a lot of places and they are all beautiful. First, we visited three buildings (on Parliament Hill). One of them was not open. Then we visited a river. There were some boats in it. Next, we went to a museum (the Museum of History). It was very old. Finally, we went to a park (at Rideau Hall). We had a great day.

Martin (Yuze)

Biking – July 9

When we went biking, I thought that we are going to have bad bikes, but they were actually really good. We had fun. We went near the lake, and it was so beautiful. Also, I was able to make new friends thanks to our shared joy in riding bikes. Generally, it was really fun, and I hope one day to do it again.


Byward Market – July 9

Today we went to the Byward Market! We took the bus in the afternoon to go to a shopping centre, and we walked to the Byward Market. We ate at Beavertails and drank a cup of bubble tea! It was very delicious! We did a scavenger hunt and saw the Millennium Fountain. In the Byward Market, there were lots of restaurants and many kinds of food, such as Japanese, Chinese, and Canadian. And very delicious ice cream! We tasted some maple syrup. It was delicious! There were souvenir stores that sold lots of things! My friends Amy and I bought some maple sugar and a piece of maple candy for our family! I was very happy! What a happy day!


Today I went to the Byward Market. I saw many different stores. York Street is a one-way street. I bought lots of Canadian memorabilia. There was many kinds of tea. I had lots of fun with my friends.


I went to the market today and did the task assigned to us by the teacher. I also bought a McDonald’s to eat and saw a lot of interesting shops and maple candy samples. McDonald’s is delicious. I shared it with my friends. Everyone is very happy. I liked today!


Biking – July 9

Today we went for a bike ride.  The bike path was on the bank of a river where there were boats and others.  The bicycles were in a cellar.  Then we went for two hours of cycling admiring the landscape.


Today we had gone for a bike ride. It was a good experience, but I wished we had been allowed to ride fast. I wished I could have used my bike from back home too.  We rode our bikes around the Ottawa river for 2 hours, and it was really rewarding. There was very beautiful scenery. I like biking, but the bikes could have been better.  I also think our breaks were too long. I wished we had spent more time biking.  Despite that, I did enjoy the trip still. It was good to ride again because my bike is in Turkey and I haven’t gone biking for an entire month. In Ottawa, there are bike roads in everywhere so you can go almost anywhere with a bike. If I have some free time, I’d like to bike around Ottawa.


Biking – July 9

For me riding a bicycle was great, I liked this activity a lot since I like to practice sports and outdoor things but preferably sports since they are one of my favorite hobbies and I like to exercise also missed it a lot. This activity was very good for me…


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