Museum of Nature – July 10

In this museum we were able to observe the fauna and flora that Canada has, we observe the Arctic, we observe the first indigenous nations.Canadian Museum of Nature is a federal entity.


Day trip to Montreal – July 17

Today  we went  to Montreal and it was super incredible. We went to a museum of wax. We were in the center of a mall and had an hour of shopping. Then we were to the cathedral of Montreal and then we went to the center of the city and there they gave 40 minutes for visit a little. We got to know new cultures. Also, I got a painted a caricature of me. I ate 5 Guys burgers. Montreal is incredible and super interesting.


Bowling – July 16

That kind of sport it’s so fun! but if you want to win you need to shoot down the most pins at the end of the place.Two days ago we went bowling. I wasn’t  the winner but I want to play this game again.


Hockey – July 15

That  kind of sport consist in put a ball in a hockey net; that would be a point. Also that sport it’s divided in 2 teams and the team with more points it’s the winner. Yesterday, we played hockey but our team was the loser; however, that was so fun because some of us didn’t know how to play that sport.


Cooking Class – July 12

The cooking class was fun and interesting because they taught us how to make poutine. That is fries with cheese and meat sauce, this recipe was my favourite. I tried it my first time in Canada because in Colombia there is no poutine. The other  recipe was a cinnamon roll; it was very delicious. It is a dessert of cinnamon. I like this activity because was my first time that  I made poutine and cinnamon rolls.


Calypso – July 10

Today was a great day for me, I loved to enjoy the unique experience. I rode  all the attractions such as: Vertigo. It was great to feel the adrenaline but the most important thing for me, was that I was able to overcome some of my fears and enjoy all attractions from the most extreme to the most normal. I liked it so much and would love to go back. It was great.


Biking – July 9

For me riding a bicycle was great, I liked this activity a lot since I like to practice sports and outdoor things but preferably sports since they are one of my favorite hobbies and I like to exercise also missed it a lot. This activity was very good for me…


The Journey Begins

Welcome to Summer English Explorer in Ottawa, Canada!

We hope you enjoy reading about all the exciting activities we are doing and looking at our pictures too! We are making new friends from many different countries, having lots of fun experiences and every day brings new discoveries and memories.

Laser Quest – July 8

Today, some of the summer school students, among that me, went to laser quest; it is like a “war” between everyone, but with laser guns. First, we played individually, in a dark and neon place, it was really fun; we were ranked and I won the 25th place, the first place was a teacher. After that first round, I played air hockey with Çinar, but I can’t remember who won. Then, we were called for going inside the game area, but this time we weren’t playing individually; this time was in teams, three teams, the red, the blue and the purple one. I was in the blue one, I had so much fun, I ran a lot, I shot a lot and at the end my team won! 


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