Saunders Farm – July 24

Today, I went to Saunders Farm with my friends and teachers. We took the school bus spend two hours to get there. At this farm there were many trees. It was good. We can see trampolines, mazes, observatory and so on. This farm that had so many children. They were cute. After lunch, we took a ride to see this farm. It was a great day.


Art Gallery – July 23

Today I went to the Art Gallery. First we took the city bus. Afterwards I visited the Art Gallery and took many pictures. Finally I took the bus back to school. I had a very good time with my friends and teachers.


Canoeing – July 22

Today was a warm day. We went canoeing. It was exciting.  We took a small boat called a canoe. I was nervous because I am afraid of the water, but I believed in myself. Our canoe was faster than the other one. I was very happy. The coach praised me for my good rowing. We saw beautiful scenery. It was really nice. So beautiful! We took lots of photos. We were in a battle with the other canoe. Our canoe won because we worked together as a team. It was a great day!

Liu, (Amy)

Museum of History – July 19

Today we went to the History museum. The walls of the museum are interesting. They’re made of rocks in which there are some bones! In the museum, we learned how people told a story and how people were long, long ago. We learned about the war in Canada, and how the British and French went to North America and made a country called “Canada.” I also saw some old guns and some pictures of letters from the war. 
I learned a lot in the museum. I had a lot of fun.

Charles (Caizhe)

Cooking Class – July 18

Today I had a special experience. We went to the supermarket to have a cooking class. First, we made poutine. The cook gave us some potatoes and we cut them. Then, we had to put some salt and seasoning to mix them with. Second, the cook gave us bowls to put some flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and cheese. We used a spoon to mix it. When the cinnamon rolls were ready we ate them with some sugar. Cooking class was quite interesting. I liked it.

Sarah (Zixuan)


Today I went cooking. First I prepared ingredients. Afterwards I cut vegetables. Finally I ate delicious food. I had a very good time with my friends.
Ana (C Ma)

Day trip to Montreal – July 17

Today was really tiring. We went to Montreal, which has the second largest population in Canada. Our first stop was Mont Royale. We went to the Eaton Center, it’s  downtown, and we went to Old Port, it has the Notre Dame Cathedral. The cathedral was very huge, and really nice to view. The Grevin Wax Museum gave me the deepest impression. When I got here, I had two friends I knew at that time. One is from Africa, she is Chinese, too. That made me feel excited. The other is a local, looks pretty, and she likes to learn history a lot. She is a really knowledgeable person.We saw many famous “people” here, like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and so many famous people in different times. One of my friends told me many stories about the people who we saw. I learned so much, and feel thankful for my friends. Whatever, the day was really tiring, but I still felt good. I wish I could see my friends and play with them again.


Today we went to Montreal with our summer explorer program.   First,we went to a very famous wax museum.   Afterwards, I went to the old Montreal experience the traditional style.  Finally, We bought some gifts and return to Ottawa.   As you can see ,I have a good time with Montreal.


Bowling – July 16

On Tuesday, we went bowling. To get there we walked and took two buses and it took so much time that we didn’t have a lot of time to bowl. I think bowling is very hard. I think it’s a game of luck. We were divided into 6 teams; each team went to their bowling lane. We tried many times to get a strike, but it was difficult. All in all, it was a fun sport and I’m glad I got to try it.

Deren (Eric)


Today we went bowling. First I wore bowling shoes. Afterwards I played a scoring game. Finally I took the bus and went home. I had a very good time bowling.

Eric (Zhang)


Today I went bowling. First I watched how the students were throwing the ball. Afterwards I began to try it. It was a lot of fun. I had a very good time bowling.


Museum of Nature – July 12

We went to the Nature Museum. After we arrived, we followed the guide for a tour. First, we saw the wild animals found in Canada. The guide told us about the animals’ life, food, and how they are now in Canada. Every animal has different skills to live in the wild.
And here were also ocean animals. We saw the blue whale and other animals like jellyfish. But here has a serious problem with people polluting the ocean. Because the oceans have a lot of animals so it can bear more pollution. But there is too much pollution in the ocean so the ocean’s food chains start to break down. For example, the turtle eats jellyfish but the plastic bag looks like a jellyfish. So then it makes lots of turtles die off from eating the plastic bag, and jellyfish become more and more, making other animal habitats become smaller and smaller. So we should try to protect our environment more.

Chenny (ZuoCheng)

Mini-Putting – July 12

Today I went Mini-Putting. I picked up the golf ball and stick from the counter. Afterwards, I practiced the ball with two volunteer little brothers. Finally I ate ice cream and got on the bus back to school. I had a good time with everyone in Canada.

Lucy (Shuohan)

Laser Quest – July 11

Laser games are cool. I like it because it’s very exciting. But I’m not good at it because I was beaten in almost two minutes, and I rarely play this kind of game. I think this game is more suitable for boys but some girls like it too. This game is mainly about shooting laser spots on us with a laser gun. So the game is good, cool and interesting. I like it but it’s a little hot inside.

Shuoxan (Ella)

We went to play “Laser Quest” today. It was a really exciting game, I think. Everybody got a laser gun and we fought in a dark room. The first round was an individual round, and I got the second place. The second round was a team round. There were two teams, blue and red. I was one of the blue team, but we lost in the final game. That was really a pity. Whatever, I won the “MVP” in the whole game. I was a little bit proud of myself. After that, we went back to school, and a thunderstorm was coming. Because of that, we couldn’t go to the Rideau Centre, but that’s okay. We are going to go to the Rideau Centre today. That’s all!

Gary (Funan)

Parc Omega – July 10

On Wednesday, July 10 th I went with my friend to Parc Omega. We took the bus to go to Parc Omega first. At Parc Omega, we are still staying on the bus. That makes me feel amazing! I have never seen this way of watching animals. First, we saw a group of deer. There are many types of deer here. Then, we each took a carrot to feed them. At first I was scared to feed
them. But my friend told me not to be afraid of them. They are very friendly and finally I have the courage to try to feed them. This is a big growth for me. We continued to drive ahead. We saw a lot of animals.
Then we went to buy some souvenirs. I liked this activity. It was fun.


Byward Market – July 9

Today we went to the Byward Market! We took the bus in the afternoon to go to a shopping centre, and we walked to the Byward Market. We ate at Beavertails and drank a cup of bubble tea! It was very delicious! We did a scavenger hunt and saw the Millennium Fountain. In the Byward Market, there were lots of restaurants and many kinds of food, such as Japanese, Chinese, and Canadian. And very delicious ice cream! We tasted some maple syrup. It was delicious! There were souvenir stores that sold lots of things! My friends Amy and I bought some maple sugar and a piece of maple candy for our family! I was very happy! What a happy day!


Today I went to the Byward Market. I saw many different stores. York Street is a one-way street. I bought lots of Canadian memorabilia. There was many kinds of tea. I had lots of fun with my friends.


I went to the market today and did the task assigned to us by the teacher. I also bought a McDonald’s to eat and saw a lot of interesting shops and maple candy samples. McDonald’s is delicious. I shared it with my friends. Everyone is very happy. I liked today!


Bus Tour – July 8

Today we went on a city bus tour. First we went to Parliament Hill. I think Parliament Hill is very beautiful. Then we went to a museum. Everything was very ancient. I felt very excited. Third we went to a park. I think the park was beautiful too.


The Journey Begins

Welcome to Summer English Explorer in Ottawa, Canada!

We hope you enjoy reading about all the exciting activities we are doing and looking at our pictures too! We are making new friends from many different countries, having lots of fun experiences and every day brings new discoveries and memories.

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