Parc Omega – July 10

On July 10 I went to Parc Omega with my friends and classmates. We took a bus for a long time. In the park, we saw a lot of animals. They are all very friendly and lovely. There were plenty of deer. They would run to the bus and wait until we gave them a carrot. There were also lots of interesting animals and I liked the bears the best because they stand up and use their hands to say hello to us. Then they would get a piece of meat. I liked the day in Parc Omega. I am looking forward to having another trip like that. It was so fun.


Parc Omega – July 10

On Wednesday, July 10 th I went with my friend to Parc Omega. We took the bus to go to Parc Omega first. At Parc Omega, we are still staying on the bus. That makes me feel amazing! I have never seen this way of watching animals. First, we saw a group of deer. There are many types of deer here. Then, we each took a carrot to feed them. At first I was scared to feed
them. But my friend told me not to be afraid of them. They are very friendly and finally I have the courage to try to feed them. This is a big growth for me. We continued to drive ahead. We saw a lot of animals.
Then we went to buy some souvenirs. I liked this activity. It was fun.


Parc Omega – July 10

Parc Omega is very beautiful and big with a lot of different types of animals and plants. You can drive around the park and feed animals. They followed us because we had carrots. There were a lot of Canadian and non-Canadian animals there.

Parc Omega – July 10

Today we went to Parc Omega. We saw many animals. There are deer, bears and wolves and we also fed carrots to deer. We also took the suspension bridge inside and we had lunch with the deer. Sometimes, some deer came to us to see if we have any radishes. At the end we went to buy some souvenirs such as plush toys and some decorations. I think the Parc Omega is very interesting.


Parc Omega – July 10

I went to Parc Omega. I went there by bus. I saw many Canadian animals. They’re cute, large, and strong. They were wolves, coyotes, black bears, caribou, white-tailed deer, elk, fox, and geese. I liked the wolves best. They were grey and white. They were beautiful. They live in a hole for wolves. I took a lot of photos of them. I bought a flask in the gift shop. It was a bit expensive, but I like it very much. I also liked my lunch because the hot dog was very delicious.

Johnny (Ruiyao)

Parc Omega – June 27

We had a nice class in the morning. We played some fun games that told us things about the animals we were going to see. The next day, then we got on the bus, then we got off the bus to buy some provisions and food to give the animals that walked in the park. Later, we saw many animals, then we went back to school and we went home.


Parc Omega – June 27

Parc Omega is a beautiful place with a lot of animals. It’s a big place with a stunning view. 

 People can drive and feed animals with carrots. There are Canadian animals and non-Canadian animals too.

 You can find a lot of totem poles, lakes, and you can walk on many different trails.

John (Joao)

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