About the Summer English Explorer Program


Ottawa International Projects and Exchanges (OIPE) invites youth to come and explore our beautiful capital city in the summer months.
Students aged 12 to 18 can spend anywhere from three to six weeks studying English and enjoying social and cultural activities in our Summer English Explorer Program. Individuals or groups are welcome for this program offered every summer
Our Summer English program develops the language skills and communication strategies that students need to function effectively, confidently and independently in an English-speaking environment.
Our certified teachers use progressive teaching methods and approaches such as activity-based learning to help students get maximum benefit from both classroom and extracurricular experiences. Although our programs are disciplined and grounded in the latest teaching methods, our approach puts the emphasis on student cooperation and dynamics. Our courses are leveled according to the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning. Information on this framework is available from the Council of Europe website.
Activities – Safe and Fun: All activities are fully supervised and provide students with real-life situations where they can apply their classroom learning and enjoy meeting Canadians. Canadian themed activities, cultural excursions and outdoor recreation are part of our dynamic afternoon program.
For more information, please visit http://www.globalstudent.ca/

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