Cooking – July 11

Today we had cooking class as our afternoon activity. First, we went to the cooking studio by bus. The team of cooks were very nice and helped us all the time. As everybody of our group is just staying for little amount of time here, we cooked something typical for Canada: Poutine and for dessert cinnamon rolls.


Firstly, we cut some potatos with a special knife, so that we got some french fries. After that we mixed them with some oil and several spices. The cooks put them into the oven.

During the baking time, we started to prepare the cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon rolls:

To start with, we had to put different ingredients like flour, milk and butter. So, we mixed it and got a dough. After that, we mixed sugar and cinnamon as well as some icing sugar with some cream cheese. Than we had to flatten our dough. Next, we put butter on it together with the cinnamon. Finally we rolled it and put these into the oven.

In the mean time, our french fries finished so we were able to eat. But the french fries alone are not Poutine. So we put some cheese and a sauce over it and it was ready. It tasted pretty good. We drank some coke with vanilla ice cream in it. Finally, we could eat the cinnamon rolls, but before we put the mixture of icing sugar and cream cheese on top of them. They were delicious. 


Cooking Class – July 18

Today I had a special experience. We went to the supermarket to have a cooking class. First, we made poutine. The cook gave us some potatoes and we cut them. Then, we had to put some salt and seasoning to mix them with. Second, the cook gave us bowls to put some flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and cheese. We used a spoon to mix it. When the cinnamon rolls were ready we ate them with some sugar. Cooking class was quite interesting. I liked it.

Sarah (Zixuan)


Today I went cooking. First I prepared ingredients. Afterwards I cut vegetables. Finally I ate delicious food. I had a very good time with my friends.
Ana (C Ma)

Cooking Class – July 12

The cooking class was fun and interesting because they taught us how to make poutine. That is fries with cheese and meat sauce, this recipe was my favourite. I tried it my first time in Canada because in Colombia there is no poutine. The other  recipe was a cinnamon roll; it was very delicious. It is a dessert of cinnamon. I like this activity because was my first time that  I made poutine and cinnamon rolls.


Cooking – July 11

Today we had a cooking lesson. We took the 87 bus to a large supermarket. The cooking school was on the second floor. We washed our hands and then we started cooking. First, the chef gave us some potatoes. Then, the chef asked us to cut the potatoes into small pieces and then she put them in the oven to bake. After that, another chef taught us how to make Beavertails. We got a bowl where we mixed milk, butter, eggs, flour and sugar. Then we fried it to make a Beavertail. I had a lot of fun.


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