Museum of History – July 11

On July 15th I went to Quebec with our Summer English Explorer Program. First, I took bus to museum. Afterwards, I saw many Canadian things. Finally, I came home. As you can see, I had a very good time with my friends.


Museum of History – July 11

Today I went to a museum with my friends in Summer Explorer Camp. First of all, we went by bus to get to the museum. Then we went shopping in the museum. Finally we went by bus back to the school. We all had a very good time because it is interesting and beautiful. It was a wonderful experience.


Today I went to a museum which was about Canada’s history. This was my most favourite activity. We first went into the Great Hall. The building is like a boat and the ground is like water. It showed us how the ancient Canadians lived. Then we went to the Indigenous people’s hall. We saw many things that have ancient history. We went to the third floor and saw the history in Canada after 1914. Starting from World War I, through World War II, the Cold War, to the present day. I enjoyed World War I and World War II’s exhibit the most. Such a good history museum!

Fred (Hao)

Cooking – July 11

Today we had a cooking lesson. We took the 87 bus to a large supermarket. The cooking school was on the second floor. We washed our hands and then we started cooking. First, the chef gave us some potatoes. Then, the chef asked us to cut the potatoes into small pieces and then she put them in the oven to bake. After that, another chef taught us how to make Beavertails. We got a bowl where we mixed milk, butter, eggs, flour and sugar. Then we fried it to make a Beavertail. I had a lot of fun.


Laser Quest – July 11

Laser games are cool. I like it because it’s very exciting. But I’m not good at it because I was beaten in almost two minutes, and I rarely play this kind of game. I think this game is more suitable for boys but some girls like it too. This game is mainly about shooting laser spots on us with a laser gun. So the game is good, cool and interesting. I like it but it’s a little hot inside.

Shuoxan (Ella)

We went to play “Laser Quest” today. It was a really exciting game, I think. Everybody got a laser gun and we fought in a dark room. The first round was an individual round, and I got the second place. The second round was a team round. There were two teams, blue and red. I was one of the blue team, but we lost in the final game. That was really a pity. Whatever, I won the “MVP” in the whole game. I was a little bit proud of myself. After that, we went back to school, and a thunderstorm was coming. Because of that, we couldn’t go to the Rideau Centre, but that’s okay. We are going to go to the Rideau Centre today. That’s all!

Gary (Funan)

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