Bus Tour – July 9

Today, I went on a bus tour. First I visited the museum. I bought some gifts. It was beautiful to take back to China. I had a great time. I am so happy today. I like the bus tour. It’s a little interesting and a little boring.

Hengxi (Peter)

Today, I went on a bus tour. First I visited the museum. I bought some gifts. It was beautiful to take back to China. I had a great time. I am so happy today. I like the bus tour. It’s a little interesting and a little boring.


Hip Hop Dance – July 30

On July 30th I went to Hip Hop Dance with our Summer Explorer Program. First, I listened to the teacher about hip hop dance and did warm-up exercises. Afterwards, I spend an hour and a half to learn to dance. Finally, I played games with my teachers and classmates. As you can see, I had a very good time with my friends.

Almme (Caiying)


Today I had a hip hop dance workshop! Since I’ve been dancing for years, I was really looking forward to do this activity! And now that I’ve done it, I can only say it was one of the best afternoons ever! There was a hip hop teacher, whose name was Simon, who was having us do a bit of stretching, taught us a little hip hop choreography on a Justin Timberlake song. We repeated it several times from the beginning in order to memorize it. Afterwards, we did freestyle. That means we were all in a big group and one at time, we had to go inside the circle and do a movement that everybody was going to copy! 
I had lots of fun with my friends; I’ll never forget that choreography!



Today we learned Hip Hop dance. I loved dancing and I was good at it. But this was my first time learning Hip Hop dance.
First of all, the teacher taught us some simple movements to find our rhythm. I thought that was easy for me. Then, the teacher began to play music. He let us put the dance moves into the music. Gradually, I learned all of the movements. When I danced, I felt very cool. I enjoyed dancing.

Betty (Qing)

Bowling – July 29

Today we went bowling. It was really fun but it’s a little difficult to get more points because we never practiced this. I still think this was fun. When you play 5 pin bowling, you will feel very good and nice. But, I didn’t like the bowling shoes because they were too smelly.

Frank (Haoke)

Movie Afternoon

Today everyone was so calm and bored because today we had to watch a film called “Groundhog Day”; everyone said that it was going to be really bad. We had lunch and I could feel how I was getting influenced by the others, and I was starting to dislike the movie without even watching it, WHY? Peer pressure, not the bad one. So the story began in a really boring way, and that made me understand why everyone was acting like that. As the movie went on, everyone started liking it. Okay the film, in case you don’t know, is about a man that lives the same day over and over and does incredible things, from killing himself, to be the nicest person ever. Finally, I loved the movie and I even recommended it to a lot of my friends. Apart from having fun, I want to say that it is better to try new things even if people act like they are not going to be good.

Juan Luis

Laser Quest – July 26

Today I went to Laser Quest. First I took the bus to that place, and put on the equipment. Afterwards I fought with classmates and teachers. Finally I put the equipment back on the wall. Then we all went back to our home stays. I had a very good time with my friends.



Today we went to Laser Quest to play with laser guns. We had to wear a special vest and we had to shoot at the vests with our laser guns. We could see our points after the game. I came in third place in the first game, and came in seventh in the second one. After that my fingers were sore because I shot so much.

James (Jae Young)

On July 26th I went to Laser Quest with our Summer Explorer Program. First, I join my team. Afterwards, I went to play with the laser guns. Finally, I lost the game. As you can see, I had a very good time with friends


Escape Manor

Today for the afternoon activity we went to Escape Manor. Escape Manor is basically an apartment with several rooms and you can choose one to get locked in. Then you have 45 minutes to figure out how to get out. As we were an international group, we had 60 minutes to solve all the different puzzles. Furthermore, we had a live actress in our room who was possessed by a ghost. We had to solve all the puzzles to fill out the gaps in the spell to get her free. She helped us a bit by saying things that lead to the answers but she also tried to scare us. The room was dark but we had flash lights. Our topic was kind of mysterious because we had to use an Ouija board to solve one of the puzzles. Some of the puzzles were easy and some of them were difficult. We were so close to unlocking the room but in the end we would have needed two more minutes. All in all, we had a great time and a lot of fun.


Bowling – July 25

Today we went bowling. We took a bus from the school.

When we arrived, they gave us special shoes. Then they divided us into groups of five or six people, and we went to the bowling lanes.

Bowling in Canada is different. Canadian bowling uses a small ball (about 1.6 kilos) and five pins. There are no holes in the ball for your fingers! Canadian bowling was invented in 1909.

Canadian bowling is difficult but we had a fun afternoon.

Museum of History – July 25

Today in the afternoon, we went to the Museum of History. Our tour guide was really nice. She spoke very clearly; when we didn’t understand she used body language and onomatopoeias. I have never listened so carefully to a guide in a Chinese museum! We learned a lot! We had a good time there.


Saunders Farm – July 24

Saunders Farm was so funny!
It was an amusing all day activity. We could walk around in the farm and see whatever we want. 
There were so many games! 
Three different mazes: Spiral Cedar Maze, Spruce Maze and Cedar Maze. 
Another funny game was the Pedal Cart: we could pedal a big or small cart! 
I enjoyed so much this day with my friends!


On July 24th, I went to play at Saunders Farm with our Summer Explorer program. First I took a wagon ride. Afterwards, I ate lunch. Finally, I saw a performance. As you can see, I had a very good time with my brother.


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