Montreal – July 17

I arrived in Ottawa at the 10 of July. So I have been here for about 1 month. During this time I managed to do a lot of things. Honestly, this time passed very quickly because I went to the summer school on 440 Albert street. The program’s name is “Ottawa International Projects and Exchanges.”

With this program I saw many beautiful places. For example Montréal city, Saunder’s Farm, Upper Canada village, a lot of museums, and so on. But my favourite activity was the Montréal trip. Montreal is the oldest city in Canada. The first peoples who lived on this ground were  First Nations. This city has European architecture. French is the official language of the city and province. Montreal has the second largest population for a city in Canada. 

Our group went to Montreal by bus. The first place witch we visited was the top of Mont Royale. Mont Royale has a beautiful view of Montreal. After, we went to the downtown area where the Eaton Centre is situated. Downtown- it is a really busy part of the city. In the Eaton Centre we went in the Grévin Wax Museum. There are a lot of statues of stars. My favourite statues in the wax museum are a statue of Gretzky and T. Hanks because they are the greatest. Wayne Gretzky is absolutely the best hockey player in history, and Tom Hanks is also one of the greatest actors ever because he has played in the best movies ever. For example “Forrest Gump” or “Green Mile.” At the end of the trip, we went to the Old Port. This place has a really unique atmosphere. 

I really liked this trip, that’s why I want to say “Thank you” to the “Ottawa International Project And Exchanges.”

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