Hip Hop Dance – July 30

On July 30th I went to Hip Hop Dance with our Summer Explorer Program. First, I listened to the teacher about hip hop dance and did warm-up exercises. Afterwards, I spend an hour and a half to learn to dance. Finally, I played games with my teachers and classmates. As you can see, I had a very good time with my friends.

Almme (Caiying)


Today I had a hip hop dance workshop! Since I’ve been dancing for years, I was really looking forward to do this activity! And now that I’ve done it, I can only say it was one of the best afternoons ever! There was a hip hop teacher, whose name was Simon, who was having us do a bit of stretching, taught us a little hip hop choreography on a Justin Timberlake song. We repeated it several times from the beginning in order to memorize it. Afterwards, we did freestyle. That means we were all in a big group and one at time, we had to go inside the circle and do a movement that everybody was going to copy! 
I had lots of fun with my friends; I’ll never forget that choreography!



Today we learned Hip Hop dance. I loved dancing and I was good at it. But this was my first time learning Hip Hop dance.
First of all, the teacher taught us some simple movements to find our rhythm. I thought that was easy for me. Then, the teacher began to play music. He let us put the dance moves into the music. Gradually, I learned all of the movements. When I danced, I felt very cool. I enjoyed dancing.

Betty (Qing)

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