Museum of History – July 23

Today, we went to Museum of History. Arriving at the museum, we put bags in the cabinet, and went upstairs. Then we met a guide. She told us many things about the museum and it was very interesting. The most interesting fact that she told was the tile of 1st floor. Some tiles were shining and some weren’t shining so that it could be seen like a sea. Before going to the museum, I thought that there would not have many contents. However, my thought was wrong. There were too many things to see all of them. That’s why I could not see everything in the museum. I think Canadian Museum of History is a very good place to understand Canada.



Today I went to the history museum. It seemed really big. I could see a lot of things about Canada like Canadian’s history, clothes. The most interesting thing  was that ceiling. It meant four seasons. I would like to visit that museum again.

Eun Song

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