Museum of History – July 23

Today we went to the history museum. It’s beside Ottawa river. The museum is big and clean. We learned more about Canada’s history. The exhibition here is delicate and very old. Around 3:00 we went back to school. What a fun day!


Today we went to the Museum of History. It was amazing! I learned a lot of information from it. The guided tour was very nice. The guide was so friendly. She taught us a lot of things we didn’t know. I could understand most of these things. 
The guide told us about Canada’s Indigenous people’s history. It was really interesting! I remembered the place where we clapped our hands and walked across it. When we were at the middle of this place, the sound changed.
At last, we went to the “Canada History Hall.” I thought the Canada History Museum was really interesting. I liked learning history from it!
Today I was so excited!


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