Laser Quest – July 22

I went to Laser Quest. At first, I didn’t want to go to Laser Quest because I didn’t think the experience was unique to Canada as it could be done in Korea. We took a bus for about half an hour and arrived at the building. It takes 15 minutes to play one game. We played one individual game and one team game. It was a game where we got points after outsmarting someone by shooting a laser. The more I played, the more interesting it was. In the first individual match, I felt a little bit sad because I was in the top 50 percent of the total number. A few minutes later, the second game started, but in this game, my name was not registered correctly in the system and the game started without me. I played the game by myself because I was not on a team. People didn’t know I was on my own team, so I was able to get a lot of people out. Maybe that’s why my ranking was in the top 20%. I felt very good. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to play again after all the games were over. Contrary to my expectations, it was so fun.

Jin Yun


Today we played Laser Quest. I’m not really good at active play, so I was worried. I didn’t understand the explanation because I don’t speak English well, but I enjoyed the game anyway. I have been playing Overwatch and Battleground, so when I got a gun, I felt like a soldier. I shot all the visible people. As a result, I came in second place. When my name was called, everyone went wild. I was really happy. If I have the chance, I’d like to play again.



Today after our lunch, we went to do the laser quest. Laser Quest was a place to do shooting game with laser. First, we played individually at the game. My nickname was Bang, as I like progamer “Bang”. Before entering the game, we listened to the rules we should follow. There was a vest with a sensor on our shoulder, back, and front, and a gun. And we had to shoot the sensor to get points. First game was for 15 minutes. I just walked around the square and died a lot. Luckily, next round was team game. There was three teams with color red, blue, purple ( pink ). Our teachers was in our team, so we played together. It was quite a short time to play but it was a wonderful time to play.


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