Art Gallery – July 19

We went to the National Art Gallery today. It was a great museum to me because they had a lot of different antique paintings which interested me. My expectations were very high before I went to the gallery. I was surprised to see that a lot of the art was modern. When I heard about the art gallery, I had hoped to see old, meaningful and impressive paintings, but some of them were not like this. Some of the paintings and statues were old (1450 – 1600), so I was still able to enjoy my trip to the gallery. My favourite painting was a little bit dark because the sun was behind the clouds and when the sun had risen out of the clouds, you could see the painting shine on the little lake and there was a great place where you can stay very quiet, alone, and relaxing. I wanted to go there when I saw the painting and the other one is interesting too because of its painting technique and method. You could see all the brush tracks; I was very impressed.



On Friday we went to the Art Gallery. I saw many famous oil paintings in there and many clay sculptures. It is a very big and senior building; there were many many doors. We went in at a door and then, we meet a door again. In a nutshell, the art gallery was very nice.


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