Museum of Nature – July 18

We went to the Museum of Nature. The building was big and seemed very old.

On the first floor, there were fossils of dinosaurs and animals that lived a long time ago. Also, there were huge models of dinosaurs.
The second floor was about mammals. I learned about many different mammals. For example, baby cougars begin to eat meat caught by their mother at about six weeks. On the third floor, I learned about how the universe was created, how and why the earthquakes are caused, and I could see many minerals such as quartz, aquamarine, and opal etc. I liked this floor the most, because I am interested in the Earth, universe, and minerals. I also saw a huge moon model in the stairs from the third floor to the fourth floor. On the fourth floor, there was an exhibition about Antarctica and the North Pole. I saw the clothing worn by the people who
live in Antarctica and the North Pole.

I had a nice time at the Museum of Nature and I would recommend it to my friends if they come to Ottawa.


In my English class, I cooked pancakes with my friends! I had cooked pancakes before when I was in Korea. Making pancakes was not that hard for me. It was delicious. But I think why the pancakes were delicious was because of the maple syrup. In the afternoon, I went to the Nature Museum. At the museum, I could see many natural-historical things. What surprised me most were the many kinds of insects. They were actually alive and moving. It scared me very much, but it was a good time for me.

Minju (Jane)


I went to the Museum of Nature. There were dinosaurs and some insects. I am not interested in animals. But the insects were quite interesting. And the birds were interesting, too.


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