Day trip to Montreal – July 17

Today, I went to Montreal. It took 2 hours to get to Montreal from Ottawa. After 2 hours, we arrived at Montreal. First, we went to Mount Royal. The view from the mountain was so beautiful that I could see all of Montreal. Second, we went to the Eaton shopping mall. We went to the shopping mall and ate lunch at the food court. After, we went to the Grevin Wax museum. They made wax models of real people. It was fun, but it looked so real that it was little bit scary to me. In the last part of our outing, we walked around the city. It was really hot that day though, so I was really tired. When we came back to our school, I slept in the bus. The trip was very impressive.  



Today I went to Montreal. First I went to a big street. Then I ate lunch then wen to to Mount Royal. Finally I went to a wax museum. I had a good time with my friends.


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