Day trip to Montreal – July 17

Today was really tiring. We went to Montreal, which has the second largest population in Canada. Our first stop was Mont Royale. We went to the Eaton Center, it’s  downtown, and we went to Old Port, it has the Notre Dame Cathedral. The cathedral was very huge, and really nice to view. The Grevin Wax Museum gave me the deepest impression. When I got here, I had two friends I knew at that time. One is from Africa, she is Chinese, too. That made me feel excited. The other is a local, looks pretty, and she likes to learn history a lot. She is a really knowledgeable person.We saw many famous “people” here, like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and so many famous people in different times. One of my friends told me many stories about the people who we saw. I learned so much, and feel thankful for my friends. Whatever, the day was really tiring, but I still felt good. I wish I could see my friends and play with them again.


Today we went to Montreal with our summer explorer program.   First,we went to a very famous wax museum.   Afterwards, I went to the old Montreal experience the traditional style.  Finally, We bought some gifts and return to Ottawa.   As you can see ,I have a good time with Montreal.


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