Changing of the Guard – July 2019

This morning we went to Parliament Hill to watch the Changing of the Guards, a colourful display of pomp, pageantry and music. This ceremony takes place every morning during the summer at 10:00 a.m. sharp. It is quite impressive to hear the marching band and see all the guards in their red and black tunics and pants and sporting bear-skin hats. The bear-skin hats are very heavy and extremely hot. Due to the heat and humidity of the morning, one of the guards fainted. There was a medic on the grounds who was able to assist the guard as those around must remain in their positions and not move. The Ceremonial Guard is drawn from two regiments – the Governor General’s Foot Guards and the Canadian Grenadier Guards. Most of the Ceremonial Guardsmen are university and college students who are reservists in the Canadian Forces. After the ceremony was over, we went to Tim Horton’s (Timmie’s), a Canadian institution, where the students had an opportunity to practice their English language skills by ordering drinks and food. It was a fun morning!


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