Bowling – July 16

We went bowling today and it was fun. We played two rounds, and every round has 10 turns; in every turn, there are 3 shots to be made. In the first game, İ was first to play, but I missed. I didn’t know that we had another chance to shoot, so my sister, who shot after me, did not hit anything! My chance to get a spare was gone. In the end, I shared first place with my friend (115-115). İn the second round, i played for enjoyment and I wasn’t trying to be competitive. I still got second in that second game. I liked the place where were we were bowling. The bowling balls were very small. I haven’t seen bowling balls like this before. It was still really fun!


The bowling activity was fun. It was kind of like a “mini-bowling”. It was different and new which made it fun to play.


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