Byward Market – July 15

I went to the Byward Market. It was my first time to go to another country’s market, so I was very nervous. When I saw the big red letters spelling out ‘OTTAWA’, I was so excited. There were a lot of stores. My friends and I did a scavenger hunt. We had to search for the answers on the sheet. It was hard to do. Looking around, I saw a lot of maple syrup stands. Before going to the market, my classmates told me ‘You must buy the maple syrup’, but I didn’t bring my money, so I couldn’t buy any. There was an ice cream store with a lot of ice cream. It had 24 flavors. I wish we had more time.



I went to the Byward Market today. I had a hard time walking with my friends on a hot day with homework given by teachers, but it was so nice to be able to look around. I think many things were good to see in the Byward Market.


Today, I went to the Byward Market. I saw the Millennium Fountain, and I took a picture with the “Ottawa” sign. I went to the souvenir shops but I came out of the shops because the shop was very, very hot. And I observed the maple syrup with my friends. Suddenly the owner served maple syrup candies to us. We said “thank you.”
Actually, we couldn’t do many things because of the hot weather. So we said, “sorry…teacher.”


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