Museum of Nature – July 12

We went to the Nature Museum. After we arrived, we followed the guide for a tour. First, we saw the wild animals found in Canada. The guide told us about the animals’ life, food, and how they are now in Canada. Every animal has different skills to live in the wild.
And here were also ocean animals. We saw the blue whale and other animals like jellyfish. But here has a serious problem with people polluting the ocean. Because the oceans have a lot of animals so it can bear more pollution. But there is too much pollution in the ocean so the ocean’s food chains start to break down. For example, the turtle eats jellyfish but the plastic bag looks like a jellyfish. So then it makes lots of turtles die off from eating the plastic bag, and jellyfish become more and more, making other animal habitats become smaller and smaller. So we should try to protect our environment more.

Chenny (ZuoCheng)

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