Museum of History – July 11

Today I went to a museum with my friends in Summer Explorer Camp. First of all, we went by bus to get to the museum. Then we went shopping in the museum. Finally we went by bus back to the school. We all had a very good time because it is interesting and beautiful. It was a wonderful experience.


Today I went to a museum which was about Canada’s history. This was my most favourite activity. We first went into the Great Hall. The building is like a boat and the ground is like water. It showed us how the ancient Canadians lived. Then we went to the Indigenous people’s hall. We saw many things that have ancient history. We went to the third floor and saw the history in Canada after 1914. Starting from World War I, through World War II, the Cold War, to the present day. I enjoyed World War I and World War II’s exhibit the most. Such a good history museum!

Fred (Hao)

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