Laser Quest – July 11

Laser games are cool. I like it because it’s very exciting. But I’m not good at it because I was beaten in almost two minutes, and I rarely play this kind of game. I think this game is more suitable for boys but some girls like it too. This game is mainly about shooting laser spots on us with a laser gun. So the game is good, cool and interesting. I like it but it’s a little hot inside.

Shuoxan (Ella)

We went to play “Laser Quest” today. It was a really exciting game, I think. Everybody got a laser gun and we fought in a dark room. The first round was an individual round, and I got the second place. The second round was a team round. There were two teams, blue and red. I was one of the blue team, but we lost in the final game. That was really a pity. Whatever, I won the “MVP” in the whole game. I was a little bit proud of myself. After that, we went back to school, and a thunderstorm was coming. Because of that, we couldn’t go to the Rideau Centre, but that’s okay. We are going to go to the Rideau Centre today. That’s all!

Gary (Funan)

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