Byward Market – July 9

Today we went to the Byward Market! We took the bus in the afternoon to go to a shopping centre, and we walked to the Byward Market. We ate at Beavertails and drank a cup of bubble tea! It was very delicious! We did a scavenger hunt and saw the Millennium Fountain. In the Byward Market, there were lots of restaurants and many kinds of food, such as Japanese, Chinese, and Canadian. And very delicious ice cream! We tasted some maple syrup. It was delicious! There were souvenir stores that sold lots of things! My friends Amy and I bought some maple sugar and a piece of maple candy for our family! I was very happy! What a happy day!


Today I went to the Byward Market. I saw many different stores. York Street is a one-way street. I bought lots of Canadian memorabilia. There was many kinds of tea. I had lots of fun with my friends.


I went to the market today and did the task assigned to us by the teacher. I also bought a McDonald’s to eat and saw a lot of interesting shops and maple candy samples. McDonald’s is delicious. I shared it with my friends. Everyone is very happy. I liked today!


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