Biking – July 9

Today we went for a bike ride.  The bike path was on the bank of a river where there were boats and others.  The bicycles were in a cellar.  Then we went for two hours of cycling admiring the landscape.


Today we had gone for a bike ride. It was a good experience, but I wished we had been allowed to ride fast. I wished I could have used my bike from back home too.  We rode our bikes around the Ottawa river for 2 hours, and it was really rewarding. There was very beautiful scenery. I like biking, but the bikes could have been better.  I also think our breaks were too long. I wished we had spent more time biking.  Despite that, I did enjoy the trip still. It was good to ride again because my bike is in Turkey and I haven’t gone biking for an entire month. In Ottawa, there are bike roads in everywhere so you can go almost anywhere with a bike. If I have some free time, I’d like to bike around Ottawa.


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