Laser Quest – July 8

The 8th July 2019 we went to the Laser Quest. It was far away so we needed to take the bus. I was quite excited because it was my first time. We arrived early so we waited about 20 minutes. When we finally entered the room, it was dark but not too much because of the neon lights. I discovered I made a great mistake. My white t-shirt glowed in the dark so I was easily seen from the distance. The first game was quite difficult for me. I didn’t know what to do or where to move. The second game was better because I knew better where I was moving and where to shoot. So this game is now one of my favorites.


On Monday, the 8th of July, we went to go play laser tag. In this activity, you have a laser pistol and a chest plate. Your goal is to shoot the enemies in one of four zones: chest plate, back plate, shoulders, or the gun itself.
We played two times. The first time, it was a free for all (no one is on your side, every man for himself). The second time, it was a team battle. The team battle had three teams: blue, red, and purple. I was on the purple team, so i had to shoot the red and blue team. To conclude, this activity has been my favourite since coming to Ottawa.



Today we went to the laser quest  where we did two things. The first one, we were alone and then with another team.  We had about 15 minutes for me the parties which was a little too short  since we did not have enough time left so we did not have enough time to  enjoy.
 During both games I had a lot of fun and I had a good score fourth and seventh!

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