Museum of History – July 5

Today, Friday the 5th, 2019 I went to the Museum of History in Quebec. Outside was quite hot so entering inside was a good idea. The first impression of this building was quite good. I remembered that place because we went there while doing the city bus tour. It really looked interesting.

We were divided in two groups once we left the backpacks in lockers (don’t really know why). The guide was called Teresa (just like me 😃) and we started on the ground floor. As we all walked through the expositions, the guide explained to us the past of this beautiful country. If you really like history, you should visit this because it’s an amazing place. Totems looked imposing, that faces of both animals and humans, judging you with that wooden look just in front of old, very well-conserved houses. A sculpture I liked specially symbolized the work in-group. They have their battles but no one betrays his or her partners. Lately, that visit was held on upstairs, in the third stage.

We just have time for the C part, contemporary history. We enjoyed interesting facts about the wars and human rights. Sincerely, I found more interesting the first part of the visit. But the visit was worth a lot.


On Friday, the 5th of July, we visited the Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec. We took a bus which drove over a bridge leading to the other side of the Ottawa River that is between Ottawa and Gatineau, Quebec.

The Museum was designed by a Métis. Around the building there are columns in the shape of paddles. The paddles are pointed up to the sky which is the symbol of peace. Further, the ceiling is shaped like a canoe.

We had a tour guide who showed us many places in the museum. We learned much about Canadian history. In the first section, we saw different totem poles and art of Indigenous People. In the second section, we learned more about Canada’s modern history e.g. that Quebec nearly became independent from Canada. There were two referendums; in the second one the vote was 51% to stay in Canada and 49% to leave Canada.

At the end, we got some free time, which some of us used to go to a part of the museum about Neanderthals. There we were shown several tools that
Neanderthals built themselves.

When the time was over, we took the bus again and drove back to OCENET. All in all, it was a very interesting visit and it was very exciting.


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