Bus Tour – July 2

Today we had a bus tour, and I signed up to write about it, so here I am writing about the bus tour. After eating lunch, we went on the bus tour. The bus tour was very interesting because I learned a lot of new interesting things. The first stop was at Parliament Hill. We had a tour around the parliament, and our guide told us the history behind it. He even told us that parliament is undergoing renovations! The reconstruction of the House of Commons is going to take approximately 10 years which is such a long time. The second stop was at History museum. We learned that the building is made of limestone, which is very very old. Inside the history museum, our guide told us about tribes which lived in Canada before Canadian settlers. We learned about totem poles too. After the second stop, we went back to school, and that was the end of the tour. I really enjoyed this activity!


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