Archery Games – June 25

Today, we went to an archery game. This game was similar to paintball, but instead of balls we use arrows. These arrows had rubber on the point. 

This game is played by two teams of about 20 people, and you need to hit other guys that are on the other side. When you were hit, you had to go out. You can save (bring back a player that was hit) someone if you hit the targets.

In conclusion, it was a really fun game, and you run a lot. I recommend this game for teenagers and also parents because they will have fun. 

José Luis


This afternoon was great, because we got to play the archery game. I loved this game. I didn’t get hit and the game took about two hours. I think last part is the best because I enjoyed very much.

In this game, two teams are fighting each other and if you get hit, you have to leave the game. There are ways to revive your teammates. There are some barricades and walls in here, so you can hide. 

In the last part of game, I had so much fun because there were some new rules. There were less barricades  than before and you were allowed to change teams.

I really loved this game.


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