Byward Market – June 24

We went to the Byward Market and we did a lot of activities. We made groups and my team won the activity of the day: the scavenger hunt.

We visited the millennial fountain. We took some photos. I ate something with oreos. We also listened to some guys playing guitar in the street.

After, we just took the bus and went home.


Byward Market – June 24

Today, I went to Ottawa’s Byward Market. There are lots of Canadian products and there were a lot of places to eat. The day’s activity was to find some stores and various landmarks in the Byward Market. Byward Market is where a lot of tourists come to visit when in Canada. In Byward Market, there are plenty of Canadians. Thanks to the activity, we were able to learn a lot about Byward Market, so I liked today’s activity.


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